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I Can Feel Spring in the Air

So, January is meant to be the most depressing month with 'Blue Monday' just gone. January has to be an uplifting month for me, with 4 family birthdays including my own. We start with my mum, myself next, on the lucky 13th, my sister-out-law (she calls herself this because my brother-in-law and her aren't married (yet) and then my eldest daughter's. I was lucky and was bought some spring tulips for my birthday which went over and because I became inspired by the dying flowers last year at the same time, I've left them to watch the beautiful movement, forms and textures that form as they wither and die and then carefully photograph them in a light tent in natural light by a window with a black back cloth to highlight their fragile beauty. I've just been bought more flowers by a very kind friend as a late birthday present and I'll be enjoying these while they're fresh and healthy but right through to their demise too. Tulips are particularly good at their amazing, almost dance like qualities as they wither and it makes me feel that spring is truly in the air, especially down here in south Devon where I've had primroses flowering in the garden since November and have jonquils and daffodils already flowering in my garden. It's uplifting to feel positive again and I'm really appreciating the circle of life now.

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