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Commissions have included the photographic record of Sherwood Garden in mid Devon over several years, providing portrait images for a local  theatre company over several years productions, providing images for a childrens party organiser, photographing elements of Embercombe for information boards, illustrating the difference between high & low tides at Wembury for the information centre on behalf of ImageMakers, creating a large site specific, colloborative art installation with Gill Greatorex, funded by the Arts Council, provided images for the R D & E hospital and many other smaller projects. She has also provided portrait images for a local primary school and produced bespoke canvases for the school. Vicki is also profiicient at photo restoration so if you have old and damaged photo's contact Vicki and she'd be happy to take a look for you.

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Vicki has also won a first and third prize in the prestigious Royal Horticultural Societies photographic competition (where they used her winning image on the publicity for the following years competition) as well as a third prize in the North Devon Photographer of the Year award. Vicki also had an image used in the beautiful John Muir Trust Wild Nature Diary. She has been featured in local newspapers, had work published on numerous occasions and also supplies the Getty Images and Alamy photo libraries.

When we sat down to start the wedding preparations, the thing that I was most worried about was the photographs. I especially do not like having my photo taken and there were lots of conflicting information/advice from family about what they wanted. Vicki was absolutely brilliant throughout the planning process and on the day at calming our nerves and making helpful suggestions about timings for taking photographs, about how to organise the different types of shots we wanted and suggesting images that we had not even though about, but which now make such treasured memories. Our guests all remarked on how unobtrusive Vicki's presence was, nobody was ordered about, made to wait or take on strange poses. In fact Vicki's personality reassured the Vicar so much that he broke his general rule of not allowing photographs during the ceremony.

It is all the little details that Vicki captured throughout the day that we treasure as much as the more traditional formal shots (which themselves feel far from stuffy, capturing the happiness that we all felt). From my father-in-law finally putting on in church the coloured socks that he had thus far refused to wear to my bridesmaid's joy of being fussed over by my close friends. The range of different sizes prints, as well as the black and white options that Vicki provided us with were lovely and the print quality was very high.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vicki Gardner for her professionalism, warm and eye!


I just wanted to say I think your images - especially the flowers - are truly beautiful and it was a real treat seeing such lovely pictures. What an amazing talent you have.


Thank you so much for all the hard work and patience you gave at Claire and Craigs wedding and also for being their photographer on such a special day.


...loved the wildflower prints.


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